Unfaking 6 month Group Coaching Program (Webinar SPECIAL price)
Unfaking 6 month Group Coaching Program (Webinar SPECIAL price)

Unfaking 6 month Group Coaching Program (Webinar SPECIAL price)

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Unfaking 6 month Group Coaching Program

$249 for 6 months of group coaching!

In June, Month 1- I’ll be teaching you about cognitive restructuring and reframing and finding your why using my 4 step method for negative self-talk so that it does not dictate your performance in the gym, at work, or in your day to day relationships.

In July, Month 2- I’ll be teaching you how daily practices will help you massively grow your self-confidence and manage the fears and anxieties that you encounter without leaving you feeling like you’re wasting your time chanting false positive mantras and reading inspirational quotes.

In August, Month 3- We’ll be focused on goal setting with this new growing self-confidence and finally putting some balls in motion of big hairy audacious goals that you have been longing to do, but have been holding back on because of fear and anxiety

In September, Month 4- The focus of this month will be on integrating two elements of goal setting that are the most powerful things that you can do when it comes to helping you with the follow-through of your goals when you are feeling low confidence and feeling insufficient to accomplish when you hit obstacles and resistance.

In October Month 5- I will be preparing you for oh-shit moments when nothing seems to go according to plan and you lose control so that you can quickly refocus without having the wind knocked out of you

In addition to twice a month Facebook Live sessions, I also have some exciting bonuses as surprises along the way to continue supporting you to keep you building your confidence and showing up in the world powerfully.

I’m also incredibly excited to elevate and put a spotlight on members of the community as well as they show up and have gifts to offer the world. Sometimes there is a feeling that you are overlooked and no one will ever hear your story and I want to create a space that gives you that opportunity to share with others and use your story to give love to others using your story and your gifts.