Healthy Living Stack (Max Adrenal / Max Sleep)

Healthy Living Stack (Max Adrenal / Max Sleep)

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Use this duo to handle stress and anxiety while supporting a full night of quality sleep— a winning combo for productive days feeling energetic, happy, and peaceful.


Max Adrenal 2.0 was formulated out of a need for a superior adrenal product on the market.  It is an adrenal support formula that targets both the body and mind to enhance energy, optimize hormones, increase mental focus, and improve well-being.  If you are curious about if Max Adrenal is for you, read some testimonials here.


Anyone looking to optimize sleep for health, performance recovery, and generalized well-being.  Sleep is EVERYTHING, and without it, we have nothing.

1.    Do you have a prolonged time for sleep onset? (Normal = 10min)

2.    Do you wake frequently & for extended periods? (Normal= 1x, short duration)

3.    Do you wake VERY early & cannot get back to sleep? (NOT normal)

4.    Do you feel unrested and lethargic, even after a full night sleep? (NOT normal)

5.    Do you have specific goals of body comp, performance, or both?

For a detailed listed of ingredient in Max Sleep, click HERE

Suggested Dosing:  3 capsules in the PM 30min before bed.


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